The knowledge of color.

To ensure a product’s color reproduction, measurements and references are needed. With extensiv experience in profile management and color management in print, we apply the same care to today’s digital images.

RAW files contain an incredible amount of information, and regardless of the manufacturer, we handle it in our workflows. RAW is a mathematical description of what the CCD sensor in the camera recorded during the imaging, but all CCDs are different and provide a variant of the truth. There are ready-made profiles that compensate for CCD deviations, and this gives a better image. But it does not give the whole truth, as the quality of the light, the reflection of the object and many other parameters affect how light and color are reflected. To get the truth, we need known parameters that we can relate to and measure, this is done with color reference maps that are placed in the image being depicted.

With this technique we ensure, that regardless of the light during the day or camera, that the colors are always ensured. And we do this individually per image.

This is absolutely critical in high volume productions, to be able to trust your process. Finding samples, color management and creating alternative processes for certain images is not possible it takes time and costs money.

Never accept wrong color reproduction.

We have the technology and the know-how.